Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steampunk-ish weather clock

I love the idea of modifying antique machinery with modern technology. There are some very cool old fashioned typewriters turned into computer keyboards, like this, this and this. I don't have a workshop currently but at some point I'd like to try replacing the casing on some sort of handheld device with metal/silver and semi-precious stones. I have the silversmithing skill but lack the technical knowledge currently.

This weather clock (shouldn't that just be a barometer?) is fantastic. I wish there were more details on exactly how it was done. My Dad has a couple of barometers like the ones on this page and I'd thought in the past about trying to modify an old broken one somehow. I hadn't thought of anything as cool as the weather clock but now I'm tempted to try something similar and incorporate the existing technology of the barometer with modern weather forecasts.


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