Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Froehlich yarn (not Blauband though)

I used the free online pattern "Gentleman Socks" for these. This is a really great pattern with some nice details such as heel slip stitch on the a section of the sole. I was worried that I had made the heel flap too long. I had knitted them longer than usual but I was too lazy to undo a few rows however these socks fit really well and feel lovely on so maybe I have a high instep or something.

The yarn is a discontinued Froehlich Wolle but not the Blauband. I like the Trekking-esque stripes. These were the same dyelot yet look very different in this photo. I have a stash of this yarn in some of the other colourways. It does look like it may get fuzzy with wear though - I'm not sure if it was worth doing the stitch pattern on this as it's not very visible and will probably become even less defined when I wash and wear them.


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