Saturday, May 19, 2007

Socks in progress

These have both been sitting unfinished for ages and I really need to just finish them.

Ugly Socks

These are the really ugly socks that I knitted to use up some leftover yarn. They're using the Knitpicks DPNs in size 1 which I like but would prefer if they were a little smaller, yet their size size 0 are smaller than I would usually use.

These socks are using Bearfoot yarn which feels luscious. I'm using my favourite needles of all time - plastic size 0 bought in a thrift store. They are Susan Bates and Boye brand from the 60's and 70's. According to the packaging they cost a whopping 25 cents when new. I adore these needles and dream of stumbling upon a stash of them at a yard sale. Unfortunately with age they can become brittle and break and I've already broken a couple.

Spiral socks

The pattern... hmm, I thought I was being clever and to avoid counting and make these handy no brain required knitting I cunningly cast on a multiple of 9 minus 1 and then "knit 6, purl 3" round and round. Because of the minus 1 stitch they always overlap and spiral round. That all worked out great but trying to count rows was very difficult. I rarely count as I knit but stop and count later. With this pattern this doesn't work very well and I should probably have used a stitch marker and counted as I went along or had a bit of thread woven in and out to mark every 10 rows or so. So I kept adding more rows to the legs of the socks to make them match and they got longer and longer until I gave up and started the heels anyway.

Favourite needles ever


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